Showbox APK v5.24 Free Download for Android [Updated]

Yes, you have reached the right place. Finally you are going to get the showbox apk for android. There are many apps like showbox that offer free hd quality movies and TV Shows but still showbox is the best. Why is that? We’ll find out here .

What is Showbox APK?

I know that you guys don’t further explanation on what is showbox apk but let me introduce showbox to you once again. ShowBox is a free movies and TV shows streaming app for android devices ranging between smartphone and tablet. ShowBox APK  lets you to easily watch any of your favorite movies and TV shows for free of cost. You must download the latest version of showbox app to start watching unlimited movies and TV shows online that comes with almost all genres.

Showbox APK is the android version that allows installation of showbox in android supported devices. I have also made a post on how to install showbox for PC

ShowBox lets you  apply search filters so that you can find any movie easily on the platform and start watching it in HD or SD quality without wasting any time when compared to other movie watching apps. Unfortunately, Show Box app is removed from Google Play store but there is no need to worry as you can still download the latest version of showbox from this site. The app can be installed on android devices running android version 4.0 and above.

How to Install Showbox APK on Android?

  • Download Showbox apk on your android device from the below section.
  • Enable Unknown Sources. This is to make sure that your phone allows installation from downloaded APKs.
  • Go to Settings>Security>and Tap on Allow your phone to install apps from Unknown sources.
  • Install Showbox for android and open it to enjoy the videos you like.

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Top 6 Features of Showbox Movie Downloading App

1. Unlimited Movies

Showbox has a huge collection of movies that you and your movie buddies can enjoy anytime you feel like doing a movie marathon. The ‘movies’ feature allows you to filter the directory to only the movies so it will be easy for you to locate the film that you want to watch.

2. Unlimited TV Shows

When you click on ‘TV Shows’ you will get a list of the TV shows that you can watch through the Showbox App. You simply have to select the specific season and episode that you want to view, and you will have it right in front of you in just a few seconds.

3. Favorites

You can utilize the ‘favorites’ to save all the movies and TV shows that you like the most. This will make it faster for you to access them whenever you want to view and play them.

4. Unlimited Downloads

This particular feature would help you keep a record of all the movies and TV shows that you were able to download. With this, you can avoid redownloading a certain video. Before you download any movie or TV show in the future, you can always check ‘downloads’ first.

5. Updates

The ‘updates’ is a useful feature especially when you are into TV shows because it will keep you informed of the release date of your favorite show’s different episodes.

6. Advanced Search

The ‘search’ feature is another helpful tool on the Showbox App that you can utilize when looking for a certain TV show or movie. All you have to do is type the keywords, and the app will provide you with a list of the related videos.

Other Features

  • One of its main features is its content library, making it stand out from the rest of the applications as well as not being a paid application.
  • Its interface is very easy to use so you’ll find your Game of Thrones chapters quickly and smoothly.
  • You can choose the image quality according to the needs of your team.
  • The graphical representations inside the app are stunning and look great. It is the graphics of the app that makes it worth having.
  • The best part about this app is that it doesn’t require you to sign up or log in to be able to use the app.
  • In fact, it doesn’t even need you to put an email address to access the content.

More features

  • Their library of television programs, news, articles, and films are always being refreshed.
  • Issues and bugs in the app are immediately fixed, refreshed or settled in more current renditions.
  • Little introduce document, implies a quick introduce and less storage room utilized on your telephone.
  • Get to news articles and up and coming motion picture trailers.
  • Bookmark your top picks to effortlessly explore to your most oftentimes watched appears.
  • Through this app, you can also check for the latest movies or TV shows that have come out so that you can choose to watch them.

Download Showbox APK for Android

How to watch videos using Showbox apk?

  • Open Showbox application. Be patient because it needs time to load data from servers.
  • Search TV shows or films you would like to watch FOR FREE.
  • The movies are arranged according to Genre, Year, Type and IMDB rating.
  • Select the movie quality between 360p, 480p and 720p according to your internet speed.
  • Download any movie you want to watch.

Bug Fixes & Newly Added Features:

  • Some users had reported that the interface was not very responsive and made moving about the app very difficult. This bug has been taken care of and fixed in the current version.
  • Placing a floating button was earlier causing issues to the users but with ShowBox v5.09, this bug has got fixed, and now you can straightforwardly place a floating button on the right corner of the screen to start last played media.

New Features

  • If you have noticed that previously Showbox was loading at a reasonably slow speed that was so annoying for the users. This was actually due to the back end issue in the last version that got reported after some time. And now it has been resolved.
  • Some users have reported that the download feature would not work properly and also that the downloading of a particular file would stop automatically without completion. This issue has been taken care of and the bug has been fixed.
  • Selecting Manual language was not possible before.
  • Add a feature to open your video with Showbox App
  • Added inbuilt Games for fun when you don’t have Internet Connection.

Showbox for iPhone

The iOS-compatible version of Showbox works on both iPhone and iPad. As iOS is a closed system, it isn’t quite as easy getting it to work as it is on Android, but with a little perseverance, you’ll get there. The good news is that it will work on non-jailbroken iPhones.

Installing Showbox on iPhone with vshare

  • Firstly we need to install vshare in order to get moviebox (Showbox ios version)
  • Press download un-jailbroken button.
  • Press the install button. Click on install button
  • Automatically it will download and install. You can find vshare in the menu of your devices like iPhone or iPad.
  • Open vshare app and for the starting time, the mobile ask you to provide information on trusting this app. Click on trust for secure usage.
  • As soon as you open the vshare app search for Moviebox.
  • Click movie app which looks like below image
  • Movie box app file will be downloaded when u touch on it, after completion of downloading, prompting appears to make this app install on your mobile. Click on movie box install.
  • After installing the app, You will get it on the menu.
  • As you did for vshare. Accept it as trusted app when it prompted for the first time.

Read the full tutorial on how to install showbox for iphone

How to Get Showbox for PC

Showbox PC is an extremely popular app for watching latest TV shows, movies and trailers. Since the team made it solely for smartphones. Many users were disheartened as they were not able to use such a great app that does no compromise on the quality for PC. Below are the ways so that you can enjoy this app even on your local system. To be able to use the apk on your PC, there are few requirements that your PC should have:

  • Applications required: Bluestacks/GenyMotion?ARC Welder: These are basically android emulators that will allow you to play the app on PC
  • Operating System: Windows/7/8/8.1/10/XP
  • Minimum RAM required: 2GB+ is recommended
  • Disk Space Required: 4GB space should be sufficient


Since showbox is an android app, it will only run in an android system or when a similar ecosystem is replicated elsewhere. When using the app inside the PC, we use an android emulator to use the app

  • One can use any of the android emulators to be able to use the showbox for PC
  • Download Bluestacks which is a very popular emulator for PC and MAC
  • You will see a .exe file when using windows system, just double click to begin the process of installation.
  • Open Bluestacks and you are done with the main process
  • Open the application and launch the app drawer
  • Click on your browser and just download the showbox APK file.
  • Go ahead and navigate from your local file manager to download the directory
  • See for the showbox apk and click over it to install to use showbox on your PC/Windows
  • It will prompt you a few permissions. Tap on the install button and wait until the whole process is completed.
  • Just tap to open once the app is installed. Now you can go ahead and start downloading movies and TV shows for free.
  • Read the full tutorial on how to get showbox for PC

Showbox Alternatives (Apps Like Showbox)

The list below is the best showbox alternatives found manually by comparing the features of them with showbox. These apps might not include every feature that showbox has or it may have extra features which showbox doesn’t has.

1. Movie Box

Movie Box is the iOS version of Showbox but there are versions for Android, Windows, and Mac as well. It looks and feels a lot like Showbox and has the same layout. If you’re comfortable using Showbox you should have no issue using Movie Box. The app installs using the same APK install method, runs smoothly and quickly finds the latest media to stream. There is also a decent search function should you want to use it.

2. Crackle

Another stellar Showbox substitute for the Android operating system is Crackle. With more than 20 million users registered, it definitely looks to be a popular application for smartphone and tablet owners so imagine how high that number would be if Crackle would be available for a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Windows, and macOS. Using the app, Crackle allows you to watch movies and TV shows without experiencing any roadblocks in between.

3. Hulu

Hulu also deserves a place in our best Showbox alternatives list because it is widely known as a service that regularly updates its content list very swiftly and without delay. With a simple click, you can start your binge movie streaming sessions but its ‘web-based only’ service might cause you to grind your teeth.

4. Playbox HD

PlayBox HD is a great Showbox alternative for iOS and Android. It looks and feels like Showbox and Movie Box and works just as well. As the title suggests, there is a lot of HD content on PlayBox HD, which makes it better than Movie Box for newer phones or larger screens. Other than that, it is very similar.

5. Megabox HD

Megabox HD is an Android-only Showbox alternative that could almost be a carbon copy of its popular competitor. Like PlayBox HD, this app specializes in HD content over lower quality content but often gives you the option to choose the quality once you select a stream. It looks and feels like the others and has no distinctive feature that makes it stand out.

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How to Fix Showbox Error?

If a particular video or movie does not buffer or load correctly, then the website or video might have been blocked from your country. Using VPN is the only option for resolving such issues as it creates a dummy server in countries where there are no such restrictions imposed on that video or movie. By using a VPN you can also fix other issues such as server low, URL cannot be played, etc.

Solve the video playback error

Sometimes the video does not playback correctly or the app hangs up when you press the playback option. One method to solve this issue is by stopping the automatic updates on your Google Plus app.

If the problem does not get resolved even after stopping the Google updates, you can try using the “developer’s option” which can be opened by tapping on the “Build version” for seven consecutive times. Build version is available in the “about phone” section that is found in settings of your Android device.

Fix other issues

For all the other minor issues you can reset app preferences by using the application manager of your device.

How to Fix Showbox Error & Showbox not Working?

If you are a constant showbox user you must have experienced showbox errors atleast once. This may be due to the server problem in showbox or might be using the outdated version of showbox. You can easily fix these errors by going through my latest post on showbox not working

Common error in showbox

Video not Available, Try another server!

This error can occur when showbox refuses to connect to the server. We have a great fix for this solution by using the vpn app.

  • Go to google play store and type in VPN in the search box and you will find many vpn apps like turbo vpn, opera vpn etc.
  • Choose one of the vpn apps and install it in your android device and open it.
  • What VPN apps do is that it changes your internet connection to a different service provider so that you can access internet from a different location.
  • For example, open the opera vpn app and select a region and connect to that region.

  • Make sure that you are connected to the vpn. You will see a key sign in the notification bar when you are connected to VPN.
  • Navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Showbox >> Clear data and cache.

  • Reopen showbox app and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows.

This is all i have for now. I will update this post with more information once i learn new things. If you liked this post please do share this among your friends and family.

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