Top 7 Exclusive Handpicked Apps Like Showbox You Must Try


    If you know showbox app then you are a great movie fan just like me! I have made a list here which includes the apps like showbox for you guys to make things easier. Before we proceed, let’s talk about showbox and what are its features. Below that, you will find the exact list of apps like showbox which you are looking for.

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    What is Showbox?

    This wildly popular Android app works similarly to the Popcorn Time, allowing users to stream free movies and TV shows to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. There’s even a PC version, not to mention well-documented workarounds that allow you to use Showbox on Kindle Fire or Mac devices. Just imagine having Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, and HBO all in one app.

    Showbox users can stream videos or download them to their device for offline viewing, drawing from both peer-to-peer (P2P) and non-P2P sources. For the most part, you’ll be streaming from torrents.  Sounds too good to be true right? That depends on how comfortable you are with copyright infringement. 

    showbox movies

    Other than this showbox can also be used with chromecast

    Features of Showbox App

    Below are some of the features of Showbox app really loved by its users and you might like them too.

    • The app has a great user interface and user experience. It is perfectly designed to be completely user friendly.
    • The graphical representations inside the app are stunning and look great. It is the graphics of the app that makes it worth having.
    • The best part about this app is that it doesn’t require you to sign up or log in to be able to use the app.
    • In fact, it doesn’t even need you to put an email address to access the content. This is great for people who want to keep their information private by not sharing it with Showbox.
    • List formation is another great feature of this app that lets you create lists of your favorite movies and TV shows. It helps in better organization of all the movies that you have liked.
    • Through this app, you can also check for the latest movies or TV shows that have come out so that you can choose to watch them.
    • Besides streaming, you can also download TV shows or your favorite movies through the Showbox app itself. So no more buffering issues and slow down of the app. If it is downloaded you can watch it in leisure even when offline anytime you want.

    Apps Like Showbox

    The list below is the best showbox alternatives found manually by comparing the features of them with showbox. These apps might not include every feature that showbox has or it may have extra features which showbox doesn’t has.

    1. Movie Box

    Movie Box is the iOS version of Showbox but there are versions for Android, Windows, and Mac as well. It looks and feels a lot like Showbox and has the same layout. If you’re comfortable using Showbox you should have no issue using Movie Box. The app installs using the same APK install method, runs smoothly and quickly finds the latest media to stream. There is also a decent search function should you want to use it.

    I have used Movie Box for a while and have very few issues with it. It doesn’t seem to have as much HD content as Showbox, but if you can cope with 720p, there is a lot of content to choose from.

    2. Crackle

    Another stellar Showbox substitute for the Android operating system is Crackle. With more than 20 million users registered, it definitely looks to be a popular application for smartphone and tablet owners so imagine how high that number would be if Crackle would be available for a wide range of platforms such as iOS, Windows, and macOS. Using the app, Crackle allows you to watch movies and TV shows without experiencing any roadblocks in between.

    Smart TV connection support is also present although the software of that smart TV should be compatible with the application. Unfortunately, since it updates its movie and TV show repository every month, it potentially means that you will not be able to enjoy the latest content for a minimum of 30 days.

    3. Hulu

    Hulu also deserves a place in our best Showbox alternatives list because it is widely known as a service that regularly updates its content list very swiftly and without delay. With a simple click, you can start your binge movie streaming sessions but its ‘web-based only’ service might cause you to grind your teeth.


    • Wide selection of movies and TV shows available and is just a click away
    • Hulu is compatible with Chromecast, making the streaming experience even better


    • It is web-based streaming application so that might not bode well for millions of streamers

    4. Playbox HD

    PlayBox HD is a great Showbox alternative for iOS and Android. It looks and feels like Showbox and Movie Box and works just as well. As the title suggests, there is a lot of HD content on PlayBox HD, which makes it better than Movie Box for newer phones or larger screens. Other than that, it is very similar.

    The UI design keeps menus and navigation simple and categories populate quickly if your Wi-Fi network is up to it. Streaming is fast and mostly buffer-free. Again, much depends on your network but the app itself seems very smooth indeed.

    5. Megabox HD

    Megabox HD is an Android-only Showbox alternative that could almost be a carbon copy of its popular competitor. Like PlayBox HD, this app specializes in HD content over lower quality content but often gives you the option to choose the quality once you select a stream. It looks and feels like the others and has no distinctive feature that makes it stand out.

    The design is simple and effective, content is quickly populated and the range of content on offer is huge. Streaming is smooth and seamless as long as your connection is up to it.

    6. Stremio

    Stremio is a neat little app like Showbox that does things a little differently. Instead of allowing you to stream content from sources that you might not have heard of, this one organizes your streams from places like Amazon, iTunes, Netflix and other popular sources. It collects them all in a single app and presents them on any device you’re using in the form of a very clean interface, so you’re never confused with what you are using.


    • Easy to use interface
    • Very responsive application, but works best on iPad devices
    • Streaming performance is on par with leading alternatives mentioned
    • Very small size; does not exceed more than 11 megabytes (updates will eventually increase that storage space)


    • There is no login option on the website, which might cause concern for some users

    7. Cinemabox

    CinemaBox continues the theme of copying the basic name and functionality from Showbox. It looks and feels much the same too, making it instantly familiar to anyone who has used any of these apps before. There is comfort in that as you will be up and running in no time. Like Movie HD, CinemaBox allows offline viewing as well as streaming. This is a useful feature for those without regular Wi-Fi access or who commute.

    The design of the UI is minimal and easy to use. Trending movies are presented on the home screen and all options are available with one tap. There is nothing to make it stand out from the crowd but what it does do, it does well. CineBox runs on Android or iOS.

    Hope you have got the list best apps like showbox. If you liked this post please do share this among your friends, so that they can also enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows.


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