How to Fix Showbox Not Working and Error? [Updated in 2019]


    Today i’m gonna teach you how to fix the showbox not working error so that you can enjoy your favorite tv shows and movies without any interruption.

    If you are a showbox user then you might have came accross the showbox connection error atleast once. Here i’m going to discuss about the reasons for such connection errors from showbox error and how you can fix that? Please ensure that you read this article right from top to bottom so that this post will be effective to you.

    Before going into the methods of fixing showbox errors i recommend you to quickly do this thing before we make any changes. If that solves your problem, we can skip the below section and you will be done with resolving the error.

    Somedays before an article has came that showbox has stopped working, it was true but now showbox has returned with great new features

    Showbox Not Working – Quick Fix

    Here are the simple steps that help the users fix the Showbox application error on your Android device.

    • First of all, go to Settings on your Android device.
    • Just click on the Storage option and hit the Apps/Application option.
    • Navigate to All Applications section on your phone and click on the Showbox app present in it. (The above process might be a bit different in your phone because each android version has got different ways to access the applications manager.)
    • Open the Showbox application and click on Clear Data and Clear Cache option. This way you can easily delete the whole data and cache on the Showbox application.
    • You can now restart the Showbox application and start watching your desired movies for free in HD quality.
    • If you are using the outdated version of showbox you can download the latest version of showbox apk from our homepage.

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    Showbox Errors and their solutions

    Below listed are the different types of showbox error and their solutions that are identified by the users so far. If you experience any error from the below section make sure that you read the instructions carefully and fix that error.

    1. Use the new or updated showbox apk

    This is one of the most common mistakes showbox users are doing. They might be using the outdated version of showbox and experiencing several errors so i recommend you to visit our page below to download and install the latest version of showbox. Even if it doesn’t fix your problem you can simply return back to this page and take one solution from below.

    Okay now let’s move to the error section.

    2. Solve the video playback error

    Sometimes the video does not playback correctly or the app hangs up when you press the playback option. One method to solve this issue is by stopping the automatic updates on your Google Play app.

    If the problem does not get resolved even after stopping the Google updates, you can try using the “developer’s option” which can be opened by tapping on the “Build version” for seven consecutive times. Build version is available in the “about phone” section that is found in settings of your Android device.

    3. Video not Available, Try another server

    This error can occur when showbox refuses to connect to the server. We have a great fix for this solution.

    • Go to google play store and type in “vpn” in the search box and you ill find many vpn apps like turbo vpn, opera vpn etc.
    • Choose one of the vpn apps and install it in your android device and open it
    • What VPN apps do is that it changes your internet connection to a different service provider so that you can access internet from a different location.
    • For example, open the opera vpn app and select and region and connect to that region.

    • Make sure that  you are connected to the vpn. You will see a key sign in the notification bar when you are connected to VPN.
    • Navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Showbox >> Clear data and cache.

    • Reopen showbox app and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows.

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    4. Showbox has Stopped Working

    Reinstallation of Showbox app is the only solution to fix ‘Showbox has stopped working’ error. In order to fix this error, just follow the simple steps provided below:

    • At first, download the latest version of Showbox apk file on your Android device.
    • Ensure that you have downloaded it on your PC.
    • Connect your mobile phone to the computer and transfer the apk file.
    • Access your SD card from your mobile device.
    • You can then begin the installation of Showbox apk.
    • After the completion of installation, you can launch the latest version of Show

    5. Showbox not loading video issue

    Some users are seemingly bothered by showbox not loading video issue. They have problem as no sound, no image and everything goes blank. Then you have to follow these steps and you must fix these types of problems.

    If you still  find any issue with Showbox and not able to fix Showbox after following steps mentioned in this this article then you are free to contact us personally and one of our team members will contact you and will try help you in fixing showbox not working issue so you can enjoy the showbox app and can start streaming free movies, series and shows for free using showbox app.


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